We Bought Two Tiny House Plans!

We decided to take our next step in our Tiny house journey. For a too long time, we have just thought about how it would be and been stuck in the “inspiration phase”.  We watched a tons of episodes of Tiny House Nation. Now we decided to analyse less and actually start with some more practical issues to get a step further in figuring out how to continue. We joined the Tiny House Digital Group in Gothenburg and started to look more to details like sizes, house plans and made a decision to meet up other like-minded for a beer and tiny house talk.

We choose to buy house plans from Tiny House Design. The reason we bought two is because we still haven’t chosen and we liked this one the most. We thought this at least we will learn a lot more by starting to study and understand the plans and it feels more real. The plans we choose was:  Covelo and Talmage.

Our Thoughts On Being Semi-Nomads


We decided to be transparent and write about different aspects and period in our life with thoughts, struggles and happy moments  that we have along the way. Right now our we discuss a lot what it means to be a nomad for us and how to adjust it to our dreams and the lifestyle we want to create.

Right now it’s so many blogs out there that share what it means to be a Digital Nomad and how nomads live, what values people share and so on. The information and posts contain everything from what’s a good amount of time to spend in each destination, how much stuff to own and for how long time people have been on the road without any “fixed” home.

I think people are “selling in” this lifestyle and how it should be and what values to have. The real value is for everyone  is to try it out by themselves to find what works for them and creating own values.

For us,  we feel divided between freedom of traveling and having a place to where we can be closer to nature, start more projects and reach out to friends and family. It would be totally possible to rent a place for this periods and home base can of course be anywhere in the world however it would be very nice to have an own home and a place we don’t need to rent and is always there waiting for us when we want to come back. This feels like a path to a simplified lifestyle, we want to enjoy life more and on our terms.  Combining a tiny house on wheels that we design and build with simplicity and lots of travels feel like something we would enjoy.

We have started to think more seriously on this as a step towards being more semi-nomads. It’s still very scary thought and it feels like a big commitment regarding time and money.

One positive side on this is that tiny house starts to get more popular in Sweden and around Gothenburg right and there are plans of creating a group of people who will start to build.

It’s very hard for us to take any decision about this and we have had this thought for about two years now. Some days we feel it’s better to just keep going and travel and other times it feels like it would be nice to have a place to spend half a year and to travel the other part of the year.

We see what happens, but we plan to keep writing ours though during this process here. If there are anyone else are having the similar thoughts we would be happy if you reach out to us. :)

Picture from from Pixabay.