The Effect of a Smile

The other day I was thinking about how much all the small stuff affects us and our surroundings. Just a small act like a smile can open up new people and connections.
The other day I had such a nice short but powerful moment just because I shared a smile with a stranger. There was a band playing jazz on the street. Most people were randomly passing by without showing they cared or even notice the band, but an older man around 70 years old stood beside them and danced slowly with a wide smile from ear to ear.
 We get eye contact and shared a smile for at least for 2 seconds. It felt like we shared a special moment of happiness because we both were enjoying the music. Suddenly this old man runs towards me just to be able to tell me about the song. Apparently he used to dance to it with his wife, he even showed me where they met for the first time. To see the old man sharing his happiness was very nice and enjoyable.
Happiness can spread if you share a smile:)

The hidden Treasures of Bulletin Boards

Since a few years ago we have grown a fascination about bulletin boards and all the possibilities they offer. There is such power in small events that might be an everyday occasion for some, but for others can open up a new world and show another perspective. Meeting people with different background and another perspective of the world can also open up to new networks, friendship and much more.

The other day we found an ad for a 20-year old celebration of water aerobics at our local swimming pool. We signed up and showed up without even know what it was.  We just wanted to know more and be an experience richer.

Who knew that something so unsexy as water aerobics could be so surprisingly fun and social? We normally do our very best to ignore common prejudices and unfairness so when we saw this ad about something, known to many as an “old people activity”, called water aerobic we knew what had to try it.

The event was really charming and we had lots of fun. We did weight lifting, push ups, Aqua Latino dance, ai chi, water aerobics and much more. During the event, it was four different instructors, live music, disco light, a warm pool for relaxing, fruits and drinks.

This was such an amazing way to socialize and connect with a great diversity of people in different ages. Also, it was interesting to hear about their great passion for water aerobic. At the end of the session, there were awards for four of the participants who have been sticking to the training since the very first beginning, so they hang in there for 20 years! Pretty impressive!

When we had a chance to talk to one of the winners about water aerobics she talked with passion and we could see how devoted she was. The only thing she thought was misleading was the name, she wanted it to be called “deep water training” instead because that’s what it’s really about, doing a lot of training in deep water.

For us, this ad on the bulletin board gave us a unique experience. We felt that it was an honor to be able to share this moment with the oldies :).

Photo credit: Scott Howard