Housing and Porto So Far

Today is one and a half week since we landed here in Portugal and arrived to our new home.. We didn’t have high expectation and we were ready to explore Portugal thoroughly.

After we landed safe and sound we were quiet surprised a really nice woman came and picked us up, Grace. Her English was great and she was so open!  She drove us around the city approximately one hour and we saw her favorite spots of the city such as an street with with only fish BBQ restaurants and the old part of the city that is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

For us, the car ride and the introduction really made our curiosity awake and slightly worried. Driving through the city we saw a lot charming houses and abandoned buildings. We both were a bit nervous on how our room might be like in the reality.

Fortunately for us our room was light and similar to the pic from internet. The house contains 9 rooms for people to rent from 28 days to longer period of time.
Right now it is just us and 3 other girls having one room each, a local girl from the area and one girl coming from Colombia and one from Brazil. Soon there will be more people moving in here in September.

This house is very spacious and since we work and study from home during working hours it is very quest and peaceful here. We enjoy eating breakfast in the garden and walking barefoot in the sand, enjoying the nice flowers, eating some grapes and feeling the warmth of the sun.

In the evenings so far it has been nice too, after discovering the city and spending some hours outdoors we can come home and talk to our roommates over some glasses of wine.

To be transparent this is probably a great time before the new students arrive through ERASMUS programs. Although we do like to get to know new people and don’t want to judge anyone we feel it could possibly cause some more problems in this paradise:).

That day in Porto made us think about about many things. One is how diversified the architecture are here. When you stroll about the city center you’ll see everything from Baroque to Gothic styled buildings. History surely left its traces on this city. Add modern apartment complexes and brand new metro transport system to the equation and you’ll start to understand how diversified the style of the city center really is. We love the contrasts and they are almost everywhere in the city!