Three Websites For a Better Nomadic Lifestyle

Creating a nomadic lifestyle can be both exciting and challenging! We found some websites that are pure gold and has had a helped us a lot lately. Maybe you find it useful too?

The Best Nomad Sites We Ever Found

1.Nomad List
First is Nomad list that is your Go-To website for all nomadic needs. It’s insanely useful! Compare travel destinations and learn why some countries are better than others for digital nomads.

2. Nomad Forum
Here you can ask questions and get answers from many nomads and aspiring nomads. It’s very easy to follow since every thread only discuss one well-defined question. People share and are very open with their answers, a great place to gather information and you will most likely leave the website a bit wiser.

Instead of saying Airbnb like many of you might think we would recommend Uniplaces . The place is not only housing for students but an easy-going website including great support for anyone looking for a flat or a room/ short-term stay. This site is great for finding a room/apartment in major student cities across Europe, however, note that some countries have lots of options where other ones are fewer and more expensive.
In general a site especially if you are going to Portugal like us:)!

Check out the websites! Totally worth the time!

Photo credit: Chris Ford