Discovering the World’s Religions through Interreligious Centers

An interreligious center in our city? We didn’t actually know they even existed but after some research about multicultural organizations and events we found it.

 We have felt a bit lunatic with our interest of different cultures and religions. Many people enjoy learning about new perspectives during vacation and traveling. For us, it’s fascinating no matter of location and we always love to integrate with new cultures and learn more. That’s how we found The Interreligious Center in Gothenburg.

 The place is a true gold mine in terms of multiculturalism, it’s really impressive how many resources they have. Compared to many other collaborations they have their center in a neutral ground where no religion has more power than another.

 It all started with a rabbi, priest and imam developing a close friendship, they could be seen discussing various topics at cafe’s in central Gothenburg. Soon the media picked up on this “odd” activity and one thing lead to anther. They became famous, and eventually the foreign department of Sweden invited them to host peace talks on the Balkan Peninsula.

 This inspired many, and soon there were a group known as “Gabrielle’s daughters” (a Christian, Muslim and Jewish women constellation) and now finally there is a center for this kind of activity: The Interreligious Center. (In Swedish)