Our fundraising for Donkeys:)


Last year when we went to Marocco we had a great time exploring the country and get to know lots of new people. One of the negative sides was to see how animals were treated. Our friend, who is local and lives there, told us there is a really bad situation for the animals and many people don’t care about the animals at all and abuse them. It was so hard for us to see as animal lovers. We bought food for the cats and dogs but felt we wanted to help out more. The worst situation was probably for the donkeys, they had to carry way too heavy carries long days and had lots of scars, were very thin and really sad eyes from the brutal treatment.

Many people who buy a donkey is really poor and don’t care about the animals lives. We couldn’t stop thinking about the donkeys and that we wanted to do something for working donkeys in general so when Elin had her birthday Chris started a fundraising among family and friends to support and help the donkeys. We choose an organization called Donkey Sanctuary and works with helping donkeys in regions they need help. It feels better to be able to do something small and take action for something that we would like to change.