Exploring the City Like a Vagabond

Travel, like daily life, will in our eyes become boring if everything is planned and a big part of the adventure is having challenges and face them along the way. Many of our greatest adventure and interesting experiences has come from leaving our comfort zone and trying something different.

One of out favorite authors, Rolf Potts, wrote a book, Vagabonding, in which he describes the phenomenon of random traveling and how it will lead you in to interesting experiences in just a matter of time. We did some random walking yesterday and explored the amazing countryside outside central Porto. We got a completely different take on the city, and we instantly entered the curious exploring mood that we love so much. We also happened to stumble upon a paper mill that Chris former company had a collaborating with (pretty random, not like there are paper mill industries all over the place!!) and finding our favorite store Decathlon. We bought basically all our equipment for our bike trip from Decathlon one and a half year ago and have had great memories from all stores we passed along the way.

Another time that we were also doing some random exploring was when we cycled in Dali, China. In a village not far from the center, we saw middle age men wearing big hats and preparing a huge pot of food. Curious as we were we had to stop the bike and check it out a bit closer what was going on. Turned out it was the Bai people (Chinese minority group) that celebrated the birthday of their one year old house. We were invited and joined their celebration, a memory for life!

To travel randomly is also very fun to do by metros and buses too. In Shanghai, China, we have done this a lot since the metro stations are endless and increasing every year. We had so much fun with the metros and are always looking forward to our next visit to do some more exploration of the new lines. We have discovered many places by randomly finding treasures from the metro with sometimes great results and sometimes less exciting. That what makes it interesting too. We plan to discover Porto in the same way. We don’t have the same approach every day but this way of traveling surely add colors to our life.

What’s more these strategies can be used anywhere to find interesting places, no matter bus or metro, by foot or by bike, you can even do it in your  own hometown!