Kithensurfing and Social Events in Porto

Couchsurfing is a great place to meet new people when traveling. For us, we plan to stay here in Portugal for in total five months and we would like to meet interesting and amazing people.

So far Porto is a very social city with the event going on a couple times a week. Yesterday we joined the event Kitchensurfing, an inspiring event created by a Ali who does this for his vacation and has done it over and over for about six years. Pretty amazing and a very inspiring quest! You can find more information including a tour schedule on the Facebook group or on Couchsurfing. Check it out!

Yesterday we were also introduced to the best place to go out for drinks. We met many digital nomads, both intentional and unintentional nomads:)
Great times and cool people anyhow! One thing is really true.. You never know where you’ll meet a nomad!