This Is Why We Love Village Hopping

Village hopping near mountain northen India

What Is Village Hopping?

Village hopping is an excellent way to discover small villages and get more insight into local life. You might wonder, what exactly is village hopping? And what are the benefits of trying it out?

Village hopping means to discover villages for a shorter period, from a few hours to a few days. Sometimes it includes visiting several places during one day. It is a way to get a glimpse of local life but also a way to get some adventure.

Being Spontaneous While Doing Village Hopping

True adventure while traveling includes being flexible, spontaneous and let curiosity guide you. When doing so, you will meet interesting people, see new places and create memorable days. Village hopping offers it all, with the unique charm, closeness to nature, and local life. It doesn’t have to be a small village, suburbs or the outskirt of a city can also have a smalltown vibe.

These places can often be found in the more remote end stations on metro lines or buses. It is a refreshing feeling to step out of the bus and having a fixed plan on where to go. A fun and exciting way to explore a new area is to follow your gut feeling or go after visual clues. Some example of visual clues can be a mountain, a walking path or a house that looks interesting. If you spot something you are curious about, let that be your direction. During your way look at things you find interesting, notice small details. In most cases this approach is safe, but be aware of where you are in and the current situation. Not all countries have the same security and if not village hopping is better to avoid.

Interact With Locals and Learn About the Culture

Smiling is a universal language, most people respond and smile back. Being kind can open up for conversations, making new friends and get closer to the culture.

From earlier travels, village hopping has led us to amazing experiences. Some of them are making new friends, sharing a cup of tea and learn about local plants. This lets us see coffee plants, black pepper trees, and pineapple plants in the backyard of new friends.

We have also joined many different local festivals, for example, the women’s day in Laos, when a few local women invited us to join their celebration. It all happened because we got curious, followed the sound of music and then found their place. We didn’t talk much since we didn’t share a common language, but for sure it was fun to dance and laugh together. Meeting people like this helps to stay humble, feeling connected, and increase tolerance. Our cultures and beliefs can be different, but in the end, we all want to be safe, happy and have a good time.

Get Some Perspective by Slowing Down

Village hopping is not only about connecting with people. Sometimes, it can be about getting a bit of perspective, a place to think or connect with nature. Spending time in green areas and slow down helps to bring harmony into life, making it easier to be in the present moment and enjoy life. I like to find a sit under a tree, strolling around or go to a local café and observe daily life.


Village Hopping Is for Everyone

This travel approach is for everyone to apply, no matter your age, travel experience or language skills. There are many adventures waiting ahead or you! By being spontaneous, open and trying something new is a great way to invite adventure into your life.

– Nature Is Our Church

Nature is our church, Chris looking out over mountains


Importance Of Nature In Our Lives

To compare nature with a holy place like church highlights the importance of nature in our lives. Treating nature as a church is for sure a great idea. Nature brings calm, relief from stress and is a place to get things into perspectives. Science also shown that increased memory, lower blood pressure and improve the mood. Even though this is something we all are aware of we still don’t take enough time in nature. How could we change this? For starters, one way could be to think more about the positive benefit nature gives us. Second we could make sure to make it a prioritiy to find ways to connect with nature. Connecting with nature dosn’t only mean to get out in the forest.

Time In Nature Helps Create Clarity

We all deal with difficulties in different ways. In one episode of the TV show Gilmore Girls, the main characters, Lorelei stands at a crossroad in life. She needs clarity and plans for a long hike inspired from the book Wild. Even though she didn’t end up doing the hike she still got time in nature which was transformative for her. She got insights on how to continue her life and where to go from where she was at the moment. Even though this was a TV show I still thought this was such a beautiful story. Many of us should turn to nature when things are difficult and we need some space.

Reframing The Word Nature To Nature Is Our Church

By reframing the word nature to nature is equals holy place, it helps to show the impact and importance. This reminder encourages us to get out in nature more and focus on taking the time. Nature brings us so much happiness and calm. Small actions, for example, notice to the blue sky or finding a favorite tree to sit under helps to bring that calm. Which small things could you do to connect with nature, starting from today?


How To Escape Big Cities And Discover Suburbs

Escape Big Cities - outskirt of Kawachinagano

Escape Big Cities- rice terraces at Kawachinagano

Why Many Ends Up In Bigger Cities

We often end up wanting to escape big cities when things got to hectic and we need some peace. Our travels in Japan has to lead us to some of the major cities that many travelers also ends up in. Travelling between bigger cities are both easier and less expensive. And that’s why this phenomenon happens, ending up in large cities.

Escape big cities and discover suburbs

Time in metropolitan cities, with heavy traffic, crowded spaces, make us crave for calm. We often miss the smalltown charm of simpleness and originality. We found that a great trick while being in a bigger city is to discover suburbs on the outskirt. Suburbs often offers peaceful surroundings, with a slower speed and plenty of nature. One of the best things about suburbs are the surprises and finding some hidden gems.

A day discovering the outskirt of Kawachinagano

Kawachinagano in the end of a metro line in Osaka gave us the most memorable day during our stay in Japan. Arriving and walking around was so exciting, in the air, you could feel like anything could happen. We went to a supermarket and sat and drank some tea with two senior citizens. The atmosphere made us feel welcome and curious at the same time. We had long discussions, even though neither of us understands the other part. It was a mix of Japanese and body language. The ladies spoke in Japanese, but since we didn’t understand, we used body language instead. Even though we didn’t understand so much, we still were a great time and shared lots of smiles and laugher. Some of our favorite gems in Kawachinagano are a 300 years old tree, a traditional sake brewery and a hill with a fantastic view.
What’s your favorite part of discovering suburbs?
What surroundings are you longing to explore?

Connect With Nature


bench-560435_1920 pixabay

“Parks are like outdoor living rooms, it is placed to relax, hang out with friends, gain energy and increase general well-being. ”
-Elin & Chris

When choosing a permanent place to live most people think a lot about the neighborhood and if there are any area and with parks nearby. Unforntantly this is nothing we calculated when we choose our short term stay.

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