How We See the World

Did you know anywhere you go, any tiny little place on this globe, from northern Canada to French Polynesia, there are totally unique and amazing treasures awaiting you and all you need to find them are an open perspective and a curious mind?

Whats more, did you think about that your “boring hometown” has totally unique weird, special and totally crazy people and places?
If you don’t believe me that’s just fine!

This blog is here for you and we will do our best to exchange this perspective of the world and prove to both us and to you guys that everywhere there is uniqueness and amazing perspectives. Your neighbor much likely is a specialist in something, even the smallest skill matter, and the people you thought were just dull might have something very interesting to say!

How about we develop our mindset together for a more open and curious tomorrow?

Keep on reading the blog and while you are at it, check out our lovely inspiration at Atlas Obscura.

Ciao from two Swede’s soon in Portugal :)
/Chris and Elin