Connect With Nature

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“Parks are like outdoor living rooms, it is placed to relax, hang out with friends, gain energy and increase general well-being. ”
-Elin & Chris

When choosing a permanent place to live most people think a lot about the neighborhood and if there are any area and with parks nearby. Unforntantly this is nothing we calculated when we choose our short term stay.

Since we are only staying for a few months, our major focus has been to get a place close to the city center and a metro station. We thought this would give us the best value during our stay here. Our plan was to use the metro to discover new areas and to meet up with people get to know here.

Both these criterias has been fulfilled however we suffer daily from living far away from parks and having heavy traffic outside our apartment.

Looking back, all places we liked before had some amazing parks or connection to nature close to our apartment. When we lived in China we used to spend lots of time in the park outside our place. It was a place to meet new people, participate in activities and get a sense of calm and belonging. In China, the parks completely bust of life and activities!

The lesson we need to take with us is to think more about parks and to find strategies better connect with nature in our daily life.