Positive and Negative Sides From Working Afternoon and Evenings


From one of our day trips and this time to a temple.

Our trip to Asia was an experiment both in working remotely overseas and also work evenings and nights instead of daytime. We follow the Swedish working hours and the time difference during our trip often was between 6-9 hours which meant we had our free time first and then worked for example 3 PM to 12 AM.

It really has lots or benefits and was fun to try and we thought it would be interesting to share some pros and cons from this experiment:

Positive :

1. It’s an amazing feeling to go to bed and knowing you will wake up and start the day doing what you want to do. To wake up for yourself and put lots of energy to enjoy the day. It’s easier to be able to do more and it’s in some ways similar to a weekend:).

2. It’s fewer people outside, fewer queues and more relaxed atmosphere

3. No need to worry about opening hours and the last bus for the day

4. It’s easier to start working after first having a long an amazing day

5. Not the same feeling of frustration and having a problem sitting inside.

But this is also different for example in time zones when we started 14 a clock and there is a big festival in town it’s quite hard to stay inside.

6. We still had some breaks; dinner and walks so it’s lots more outdoor time in general

7. Less television and tv shows. Only negative side for us was the plan to see documentaries around the world stopped, both because of this but also because of lack of good internet too.

1. It’s really hard to have a social life when traveling and wanting to hang out with locals. The work when we are free and the opposite. Sure over travelers are possible to meet and some people now and then but we missed lots of social events that was during the evening.

2. There is no Friday night ! It basically disappears, instead, there is a really long Monday morning and day. Still Friday is more weekend feeling.

3. It’s hard with the heat during daytime in Asia. Many times it’s better in the afternoon and evening.

4. Even though we did hiking, traveling with buses to other cities and such during weeks days we still had to make sure to really make it in time back home. It’s not that realizing like an evening when we can do what we want and don’t care about the time.
On the other hand, we had lots more time outside working like this.

5. It’s tiring, the body wants to sleep and staying focused until late is hard.

6. Staying in hostels/ guesthouse means the internet was slow at nights also in places where we rent a room and more people have to share

7. It’s lots harder to keep up with the routine when changing like this. It’s still working but it requires more effort.

So, in the end, this was a really nice experience and we think that everyone would befit from trying and get their own experience. For the long run, this would not be ideal for us but is it fun and a new challenge. In the end, it is not possible to have it all in the same time so yes, we got lots of more experiences but fewer chances to meet new friends.We would really like to have this setting if working from Sweden during wintertime, though, that would be awesome to take advantage of the few hours with sun and daylight and work when it’s dark instead.
Finally, of course it matters a lot where you are and when you need to work but one thing one should not forget is to prioritize right after your own needs.

Mini-Experiment With Baozi Tasting

To start the new year of we decided to also start many new projects and min-experiments. One of our grand projects can be found here 193 Documentaries & Countries and we have of course many others to come. But first we like to introduce something opposite of new, here is something very old actually. This is a start of a series of not only old but much beloved mini-experiments from past. You are much welcomed to dig in to our own Chinese Baozi tasting from back in 2013, when we decided it would be a great idea to show the world the magic of our favorite bun from China. This experiment was all about bringing some light to Baozi, telling you which ones are good, and showing you how different they all look and taste. Here we go!

Baozi 1, The Vanilla Bun
2-Ante: This sweet vanilla bun had a good feeling to it but no real character. Still not bad! Rating: Smooth 2/5

Looked somewhat healthy but actually it was not, its really sweet and slimy. This is a Baozi with yellow cream and good taste though, Something like a vanilla donut!
Rating: Strong 3/5

Baozi 2, The Square Yellow Zebra
T3hick cake in layers with yellow and white, something like ehum.. A yellow zebra!

A cake without sweetness really!
Ratings: 2/5

Makes me think about the first Baozi but not nearly as good, sweet but not as sweet and no filling, it’s mostly just a dry cake. Nothing I would buy again! Raiting: Weak 2/5

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Mini Experiment With Vegan Yogurts

This week we have decided to try out more of the vegan yogurts and diary free shakes. We are still vegetarians but want to cut down as much as possible on diary products and we know already try to buy more and more oatmilk or soymilk or the ones with chocolate flavor.

We tried a soygurt strawberry and also two kinds of oatgurt with blueberry and vanilla taste. On top of that, we had two shakes with mango and blueberry both made of oat.

The one with the best taste was without a doubt the strawberry yogurt. The texture and the taste were very similar to regular yogurt and compared to the other yogurt it has a bit higher percent of fat and sugar but also of protein.
Oat yogurt had the mild a bit creamy taste from oat that is also possible to taste in oat milk, the biggest downside was the probably the texture that needed a bit stiring to be ok. Nutritionwise it was more similar to an ordinary yogurt but fatter. The shakes were quite similar to drinkable yogurt and a good option for catching up with something while being on the run.

This itself, it’s a process of eating more of the kind of food we want to eat. We love fruit and veggie and want to be more updates of different new options that out there. We also started to drink a lot of smoothies again, something we use to do a lot before. The problem has been that is more difficult to continue with that during travels, it’s not worth buying a new smoothie maker for all places we go to. Now, we have found a solution and ordered a portable smoothie maker:). Hopefully, it will lead to lots of tasty smoothies along or further travels!