Small Things Matters

It is easy to cut down on things that seem less important and focus more on things that in the end will give some form of result. Most things are so result driven and we are encouraged to make everything more effective and increase our results. Otherwise, it can be seen as a failure, but does everything has to be count into results?

 It is too easy to compare ourselves with other people who are pros and wonder why to bother at all when not being able to be near their results.

Like drawing or singing that many of us enjoyed as children but then discover that others are much better which leads to quitting even though it was something that made us happy.

Meditation is another a great example for this, we simply need to sit down and relax and not judge the process. We should put in the effort but not rate the session. If we are too caught up in the process of getting results and having a focus to relax it many times have the opposite effect. If we are more understanding and forgiving when thoughts come up, and they do for sure, we can more easily see the thought, let go and continue.

I have many things I enjoy doing but that won’t give any other result then my wellbeing in the long run and to make me feel more satisfied at the end of the day. Seeing it with some perspective, the small things really do matter.

That’s why it is actually great to stick to the small things that we really want to do. For me it is to take the time to plan my day, meditate, taking a morning walk, write a text to process my thoughts which help me grow as a person and practice Chinese. I tried to make it shorter to save time and do things that only focused on the result but in the end, I felt empty and missed the things that brought me joy and being in harmony with my values.

I think which hobby we have is irrelevant as long as it gives value to us and brings us joy and positive feelings. In the end, everything that actually counts is made by many small steps and actions in harmony with our values.

31 Days To Connect With Nature

picture of nature, title, 31 days to connect with nature


1. Feel the structure of the trees
Walk to a green area in your neighborhood and find a place with trees. Feel the structure of the trees, leaves and rocks with your hands. Look at the colors and the pattern of the surroundings. Take some deep breath, notice how it feels.

tree in a park


2. Look up into the sky
Go outside for 10 minutes, look up in the sky. Focus on the colors. What color can you see? Look deep into the sky and focus on what you can see. Can you see any birds around in the trees, roofs or far away? Can you hear them sing?

sky and a bird

3. Connect though e
Do some exercises outside such as take a walk, bike ride or a run. Choose an area where it’s less stressful and you can feel relaxed. If you live in the city center it there might be some streets with less traffic and where you  can go-
cycles in the woods


4. Write a list of green areas close to where you live
Spend 10 minutes to write down what possibilities you have to connect to nature in everyday life. What green areas do you have close to your home? ( E.g a park, forest, national park, walking path, some green areas in city and so on.)feel a bit more relaxed.
Write down everything you can come up with. Later when you need to calm down you can visit some of these places.

noteblock and pen


5. Make sure to get time to visit the the places
Go and visit one of the areas you wrote down yesterday :)!

taking action, jumping


6. Bring a book and find a nice spot
Bring a book and walk until you find a bench where you want to sit. Take 15 minutes to just sit down and relax while reading a good book.

a book next to the sea


5. Do some cloudspotting
Go outside, take 10 deep breaths. Look at the clouds in the sky. What do they look like? If it’s cloudy you can probably see different shapes in the clouds and come up with what it looks like?
If it’s rainy/ snowing look what it looks like when the water/snow falls on the ground, feel how it feels when it hits you, and smell how it smells like. :)



6. Bring a cup of coffee/tea/ smoothie 
Bring a nice cup of coffee/tea/ smoothie and go for a walk while enjoying the drink, the exercise and the surroundings. Focus on all the green areas, plants, flowers, trees and bushes you see. Do you recognize any of them?



7. Spot animals outside
Get fascinated of all the animals that you meet outside, look for squirrels, ants, beetles, bumblebees, cats, dogs and so on.
If you like animals and do not have any allergy you can ask a dog owner of it’s OK to pet his/her dog:)



8. Pick berries or fruits
Do you have any berry bushes in your areas or any fruit trees? Are there any public ones where you are allowed to pick your own or a place where you can pay and pick your own?
What kind of fruits and berries grows in your area/ country?
Go out for a look and bring a fruit/ smoothie with you to enjoy.



9. Listen to  sound of water
Are there any places where you can walk along a beach, river, lake or see some water, perhaps even a water fountain? If so go there and sit for a while. Listen to the sound of the water and if you want feel it with your hands.

small river


11. Feed some birds
Bring some bread and go out and feed some birds! Look at the variety of their colors and patterns and how they interact with each other and their surroundings.

a man feeding the birds


12. Sit under a tree
Choose a favorite tree and sit under it and close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

book and glases


13. Discover the area with your camera
Bring your camera and try to be curious, take pictures of what makes you happy outdoors. Maybe it is a dog, a flower, a nice sky, your walking shoes or a friend you are walking with?
purple flowers and shoes


14. Take a longer hike /bicycle trip
Consider taking a longer bicycle trip/ hike. Pack some food and drinks and you are ready to go! Don’t know where? Walk and investigate new places in your city.

autumn in the woods, hiking trail covered in yellow leaves


15. Whatch the sunset
Note what time its sunset. Decide to go out/ look through the window at that time to see the sun.


16. Listen to a audiobook or podcast while enjoying nature

Bring your cell phone and listen to an audiobook, podcast or music while walking / sitting on a bench and enjoying being surrounding by nature. Choose any media that makes you happy. Feel how you connect with nature by simply just getting outside :).


17. Try Geocashing

Have you ever tried Geocaching? If so find what caches that’s close to you. If not, download the app geocaching and get a username. Search in your areas through the app to find new places.
geochashing coin pirate

18. Have a picnic or a BBQ

Bring food for a picnic or BBQ! Choose some of the places you have written down before at day 4.



19. Do some outdoor exercise
Do some kind of exercise you enjoy outside: walking/ running/ orientation/ biking/ canoeing/ skiing and so on.

snow landscape next to sea


20. Watch the stars
Wait until its dark and look if you can see any stars or the moon. Are they any? Do you know any star sign? Maybe you want to learn some stars/ signs? Takes some minutes to look at the dark sky and what it might show you.



21. Go out for a walk in the early morning
Notice, does it feel different? In that case how? Pay attention to how this will affect your day.


22. Discover what kind of trees you have in your area

Go out and see what kind of trees you have in your areas. Can you recognize any? If not can you ask someone or Google?

23. Visit a park with a friend

Decide with a friend to visit a park together.

parks with cherryblossom


24. Brings some flowers to your home
Consider if you want to have some more flowers in your home. Walk by and visit a flower shop if you want. Or just take care of your flowers at home and give them some water.

simple yellow flowers in a vase


25. Do some planning while being outdoors
Find a nice place and do some planning and thinking outdoors instread of doing all planning indoors.

yellow jacket, notebook and pen outdoors


26. Go outside for 10 minutes and notice how it affects you
How does it affect your mood and feelings?

holding hands sunset


27. Take photos on how you connect with nature during one day
Take photos of everything that relates to that connection, for example: do you eat vegetables, look at the flowers, enjoy the sun?

vegan breakfast


28. Pick up trash from the nature

Do something good for nature and pick up three things from the ground and put it in the trash. Notice what a good deed you did! Enjoy a cleaner place to leave behind.


29. Give away something to second hand
Do you have something you don’t need any more that someone else might use? Think about how much giving away things for second hand connects you with nature and other people.


30. Listen to the birds and focus on your breathing
Notice if you are stressed or not. How does this exercise help you?

31. Choose your favorite activity and do it once again

Congrats your final day!! You have done a lot of things to connect with nature. Since this is your last day of this challenge you are free to choose your favorite exercise and do it again:)!