193 Documentaries & Countries – United States of America

This is a feel good documentary about some interesting people in a little “danish” town in USA.
During the great emigration people flooded from all corners of Europe to the “new land” and apparently one place known as Elk Horn was a popular place for Danes to emigrate to. We enjoy this different and very unique little story from the diverse land known as USA!

193 Documentaries & Countries – Zambia

More and more Chinese people move to Zambia to work and start a business and this is not always popular among the local people. The tension exists because of the culture difference and a lacking integration. Some locals feel that the Chinese people take their jobs.
In this documentary, we also saw the opposite scenario with some adventurous Chinese people who were very beloved, respected and integrated into the society. The documentary shows why more and more people falls in love with Zambia.

193 Documentaries & Countries – India

Jews in Cochin, India There used to be a big Jewish community in Cochin, India. Now, most have returned back to Israel and there is few left in the city. During the active years, the synagoga was active and Jews was treated with respect and support from the Indian community. The synagoga has now been closed and used for storage and also a parts for an aquarium business by the Jewish caretaker. One day there was a Jewish man who visited the city and passed the synagoga. He asked the caretaker if it was possible to get s look inside. The Jewish caretaker was happy to show the synagoga. The traveler decided to come back and next time with more Jewish members to hold a mass and to explore the cultural heritage of Jews in India since it’s soon gone.