193 Documentaries & Countries – Slovakia

We normally go for the happy and feel good kinda documentary films. Well, I’m sure most of you would agree on the fact that there is enough negativity in the world and there is no reason to just to look for dark films. Anyhow here is a grey one for you guys, I mean the Roma situation in Slovakia and in many other places around Europe is nowhere near good. Still this film gives you some hope and shows attempts on integration at certain schools. Have a look!

193 Documentaries & Countries – Peru

There is poverty, social injustice and slums in Peru, Lima. Might come like a surprise to some and to others its old news. Still if you ask us its rarely on media, much unlike the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, that is pretty commonly shown on the news. Anyways, here is a worrisome but also positive little documentary about challenges as well as progress of the slum of Lima.