193 Documentaries & Countries – Estonia

An fascinating documentary about a inspiring topic. Estonia has had electrician voting system since the first polite projects 2005 when it was possible to vote for the municipality elections. The kept going and in 2007 the Estonian parliamentary election also where competed though electrician voting.

This documentary shows where the loop holes are in using that voting system today in terms of security. Although everyone agrees that Eastonias approach with a more modern country like their e resistance is smart and well though through.

193 Documentaries & Countries – Switzerland

Many people may say the French military rations are the best but how can any dried or canned food beat fresh and hot dishes?
This documentary wants us to believe that the Swiss army men have fresh food cooked for them even on field missions. While I don’t know if its completely true, it does sound impressive and I hope they can maintain that benefit. As far as documentary goes this one is not very great. Still Swiss military food is quiet a unique topic, and that is the reason why we chose this film for Switzerland.