193 Documentaries & Countries – Kiribati

A Polish explorer came far far away from home to the remote country know as Kiribati and a village in his honor is the result. Of course explore of such nationality in central Pacific Ocean is not very common and sounds pretty special. But this documentary sounds more interesting than the result, it actually feels a bit arranged and nontransparent.

You normally expect a documentary to be based on raw reality and without any type of actors. This documentary is questionable, however one thing is for sure, the country Kiribati is just as remote as interesting!

193 Documentaries & Countries – Lebanon

Street Art is a platform and way for artists to express the frustrations of the people. The messages are both political, religious and also artistic to contribute with art to the cities.

There are almost no rules regarding doing street art so the walls can be seen as be as a white canvas, waiting to get the next piece of art.

Artists paints with many different styles and a style that is upcoming and popular are called Calligraffiti and is a mix of graffiti and calligraphy.

Perspectives On Japan

20160320_151628Thought to share some perspectives on our notes from Japan and what we reacted to and thought was interesting and something you might be interested to see too. This is a personal reflection so of course it is based on us and doesn’t mean everything is exactly like this but only from out trip. the people we meet and so on:)

The list:

Small size and food
Small sizes- both bars,restaurants, portion size, living areas and even some karaoke bars with up to 5-7 people

People eat less and many plans when and what to eat rather what is good to digest and how it affects the body. The eating to you got 80% full is not that uncommon.

Supercute lunchboxes and really makes an effort in making the food look nice and cute. Seems that Japanese people are good at mindful eating.

Costs and ATM
Transportation and living cost is high! Like most expensive countries, Japan is a country that is better to plan well in advance to get better deals and be able to book the most affordable places when they are still available.

Apartments are very small and costly. Many people commute and some people who work even choose to live in short term places and even stay in net/manga cafes and renting a chair to sleep in. This manga places sell some food and hygiene products and even has showers.

ATM closes early, not to good when needing money (this was in Kyoto)
Borrow glasses at the bank machine. Never seen that before.

The people
The picture I had about Japanese people as hip, modern and cool clothes and very induvial with many more alternatives hobbies is not what we experienced in Japan. Of course, it exists but the picture I mostly got from newspapers, media and so on.
Ore impression during my stay in Japan and meeting Japanese people was rather that most Japanese people are very happy, friendly and quite shy. I think they don’t want to take any attention or make any scene, want’s to fit in and even speaks quietly. And of course everyone is different and we are all individuals.
Women needs to put a bag over their head when trying on a sweater on a fitting room. Yes, this actually happened

We learned that girls and boys are shaped to have a certain role and need since they are small. There are girls day and then girls dress up as a princess or similar and eat cakes with sakura flower taste. Boys celebrate in a totally another way when they are encouraged to be more active and express different ways to have more power and desire, also wearing capes more like superheroes.
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