How To Behave in Singapore


Singapore is known for restrictions and fees on behaviors that are not allowed like jaywalking, bringing a durian (fruit) to hotel or metro, chewing a gum or drinking water in the metro and lots more.
In January 2016 they seem to have a campaign on how to behave on the metro and created cute and funny characters, here are two of them, HushHushHanna and BagDownBenny:)

Singapore standupstacySingapore Bagdownbenny

How To Escape Big Cities And Discover Suburbs

Escape Big Cities - outskirt of Kawachinagano

Escape Big Cities- rice terraces at Kawachinagano

Why Many Ends Up In Bigger Cities

We often end up wanting to escape big cities when things got to hectic and we need some peace. Our travels in Japan has to lead us to some of the major cities that many travelers also ends up in. Travelling between bigger cities are both easier and less expensive. And that’s why this phenomenon happens, ending up in large cities.

Escape big cities and discover suburbs

Time in metropolitan cities, with heavy traffic, crowded spaces, make us crave for calm. We often miss the smalltown charm of simpleness and originality. We found that a great trick while being in a bigger city is to discover suburbs on the outskirt. Suburbs often offers peaceful surroundings, with a slower speed and plenty of nature. One of the best things about suburbs are the surprises and finding some hidden gems.

A day discovering the outskirt of Kawachinagano

Kawachinagano in the end of a metro line in Osaka gave us the most memorable day during our stay in Japan. Arriving and walking around was so exciting, in the air, you could feel like anything could happen. We went to a supermarket and sat and drank some tea with two senior citizens. The atmosphere made us feel welcome and curious at the same time. We had long discussions, even though neither of us understands the other part. It was a mix of Japanese and body language. The ladies spoke in Japanese, but since we didn’t understand, we used body language instead. Even though we didn’t understand so much, we still were a great time and shared lots of smiles and laugher. Some of our favorite gems in Kawachinagano are a 300 years old tree, a traditional sake brewery and a hill with a fantastic view.
What’s your favorite part of discovering suburbs?
What surroundings are you longing to explore?

193 Documentaries & Countries – Pakistan

For us as young kids, circus was something all kids around us had a relationship to and at best visited once or twice. As adults we started to question how the  animals are treated and because of this we do not  want to participate or support circuses anymore. However, the Irani circus in Pakistan seems to be be doing some real good, lots of clowns, performance artists and in general great entertainment for a country in a difficult situation.

It’s the only circus that exists and they tour in every city around Pakistan. Many people don’t even know what a circus is and some are moved really deep by this experience. The artists do everything for the show, although they seem not to get much in return. In short, this is a quick and much interesting documentary worth seeing!