193 Documentaries & Countries – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Are there a world center for poetry? Does it exist a city for poetry just like what Milano is for fashion? This documentary will definitely make you reevaluate this not too touristic country  known as Macedonia. This documentary puts Struga on the map and gives you an international insight in to a world to that to many are unheard of.Perfect! A tiny film about a small niche in a even smaller country!


Positive and Negative Sides From Working Afternoon and Evenings


From one of our day trips and this time to a temple.

Our trip to Asia was an experiment both in working remotely overseas and also work evenings and nights instead of daytime. We follow the Swedish working hours and the time difference during our trip often was between 6-9 hours which meant we had our free time first and then worked for example 3 PM to 12 AM.

It really has lots or benefits and was fun to try and we thought it would be interesting to share some pros and cons from this experiment:

Positive :

1. It’s an amazing feeling to go to bed and knowing you will wake up and start the day doing what you want to do. To wake up for yourself and put lots of energy to enjoy the day. It’s easier to be able to do more and it’s in some ways similar to a weekend:).

2. It’s fewer people outside, fewer queues and more relaxed atmosphere

3. No need to worry about opening hours and the last bus for the day

4. It’s easier to start working after first having a long an amazing day

5. Not the same feeling of frustration and having a problem sitting inside.

But this is also different for example in time zones when we started 14 a clock and there is a big festival in town it’s quite hard to stay inside.

6. We still had some breaks; dinner and walks so it’s lots more outdoor time in general

7. Less television and tv shows. Only negative side for us was the plan to see documentaries around the world stopped, both because of this but also because of lack of good internet too.

1. It’s really hard to have a social life when traveling and wanting to hang out with locals. The work when we are free and the opposite. Sure over travelers are possible to meet and some people now and then but we missed lots of social events that was during the evening.

2. There is no Friday night ! It basically disappears, instead, there is a really long Monday morning and day. Still Friday is more weekend feeling.

3. It’s hard with the heat during daytime in Asia. Many times it’s better in the afternoon and evening.

4. Even though we did hiking, traveling with buses to other cities and such during weeks days we still had to make sure to really make it in time back home. It’s not that realizing like an evening when we can do what we want and don’t care about the time.
On the other hand, we had lots more time outside working like this.

5. It’s tiring, the body wants to sleep and staying focused until late is hard.

6. Staying in hostels/ guesthouse means the internet was slow at nights also in places where we rent a room and more people have to share

7. It’s lots harder to keep up with the routine when changing like this. It’s still working but it requires more effort.

So, in the end, this was a really nice experience and we think that everyone would befit from trying and get their own experience. For the long run, this would not be ideal for us but is it fun and a new challenge. In the end, it is not possible to have it all in the same time so yes, we got lots of more experiences but fewer chances to meet new friends.We would really like to have this setting if working from Sweden during wintertime, though, that would be awesome to take advantage of the few hours with sun and daylight and work when it’s dark instead.
Finally, of course it matters a lot where you are and when you need to work but one thing one should not forget is to prioritize right after your own needs.

To Avoid Or Not


The Swedish Island, Koh Lanta

Me and Chris traveled to Thailand for the first time two years ago, during that time we tried our best to avoid other Swedes. We choose a destinations that we knew where more popular among Thai people and had less Swedes.

The reason was that we wanted get to know more about the local culture and meeting people which is easier in a less touristic spot.


Our second time Thailand was, the opposite. We traveled into the one of the most popular destinations. Our reason was that we wanted a place close to Malaysia with good and reliable Internet for work.
We choose Koh Lanta that among Swedes also is know as “The Swedish Island”. The Island has a Swedish school and many Swedes has moved here and love to travel to this island.


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193 Documentaries & Countries – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Whether North Korea tickles your fancy or not this documentary might just do the job. This one will give you insights of some American defectors life in this very closed country. Heard about it before or still not convinced? If you ask me and Elin you should see it anyways! I mean there are not so many ways of emigrating to this country and even fewer documented cases like this one. We really found it interesting how you can follow North Korea through the decades from an foreigner and at the same time insiders perspective. For a North Korea-nut like Chris this film is perfect, and for a less interested but still very much curious person such as Elin, it’s still a good documentary!

193 Documentaries & Countries – Morocco

The documentary about the Moroccan camera women moved us deeply. Since we just been to Marocco and meet many strong women that moved from their parents to others cities to find work. The camerawomen shows an interesting perspective of a very strong women that has a really hard time while living in a family culture where women aren’t supposed to work. She is the breadwinner of the family and supports the whole family but they still don’t appreciate her and it’s really heartbreaking to witness… We thought this woman is so strong, doing something that she believes in even though she has all the odds against her. We really feel deep respect for her and how she handle everything she is going through. This documentary gave us a whole new perspective on how a life can be for a women in Marocco.

Trying Out The 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit In China

Long Time Since Our Last Visit

It had been two years since I and Chris visited China last time. We needed some space after traveling mostly in China and spend some time in between discovering other countries. Each time I have entered China I have had different emotions and experiences around it. For example, first time was the romance, second time was more of the reality check  and the third time I started to see the bad sides. After that I felt I needed a break and discover other countries for a while.

Problems Faced When Entering China

Now, two years later we thought it was perfect to try the short 72-Hours Transit Visa during our travels in Asia. At first there was  a bit problem to enter the country. Since we had forgotten to print out our next flight we had no prof of transit flight. And we didn’t have it online and couldn’t get any wifi. Anyhow, we were able to solve it with some help. If we hadn’t forgotten to print the ticket it would have worked very smoothly.

Space Helped Us See What We Missed In China

When coming back, Iunderstood how much I had missed some sides of China. There are so many things I like: my friends, the awesome food, and all the contrasts. We ate lots of dinners, stayed with our friends and their family. It was warm feelings coming back seeing all again. During our time we also discovered old areas  that was going to be demolished and could document it. Like always in China we also made sure to get lot´s of time in the parks. The parks are really bursting with life. There are flying kites, people dancing, singing, playing an instrument, painting, drinking tea, playing games and lots more. The garden is like the living room!
I can totally Imagine stop over with the 72 hour visa again. To be be honest, now I really long for a longer period again. It would be amazing to spend some more time in the province Yunnan and a month of two in Shanghai hanging out with friends.

If You In Travel Asia, Don’t Miss China

For us this visa-free stay was perfect and I can Imagine that it will give lots of fantastic experiences for other travelers too.  China has so much to offer, it is worth traveling just for the food itself. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans too. If doing things right, the 72 Hours Transit Visa is really smooth.
Why not make a visit to China on your next trip to Asia?