Refugees Volunteering Resources

I’ve had it! I can’t stand reading anymore! Do you feel the same? Here is an ongoing list of activities in Europe for refugees. Together we can unite Europe, the world and humanity. Everyone can do something. Please help me add activities!

-Become a volunteer for Individuell Människohjälp (IM), donate etc . Click here

-Search for specific volunteering oppertunities. Click here

-Offer your to host a family in your house, and/ or practical things like filling in forms, showing and explaining things about your town, the Netherlands, or just having a coffee.

-Host a Refugee until they get a new home assigned. Click here

-Drop off a backpack with goodies and toys for kids from 0-12 years old in Amsterdam, The Hague, Laren, Zwolle, Rotterdam. Click here

-You want to do something. Donate stuff, your spare room or your skills by filling in a form here and hopefully they can connect you to the right people. Click here

-Have a refugee as your flatmate, they will find a way to pay for the rent: minimum 3 months, if rent is financed by public offices (if you choose to), then minimum stay 6 months. Click here

-Here is a website that provides an interactive map with links to projects all over Germany.
Click here

-Help a refugee with translations (think forms, explaining processes etc). Click here

Lobbying at your local council, Welcome newly arrived refugees with orientation Mentoring refugees to help with integration and accessing public services, Offering housing or hosting refugees. Click here

-Translators in Madrid get in touch with SErvicio de Traductores e Intérpretes (SETI). Uliana Stefanova Tel: 915 232 596.

All over spain:
-This post keeps being updated on local initiatives. Click here

-You have kids or are a teacher and don’t know how to explain what is going on? Get the UNHCR’s toolkit.

Photo Credit Kai Stachowiak.

Can the impossible become possible?

We are soon leaving Portugal for our 10 days trip to Morocco and our first time in Africa. It feels very exciting and we are both really looking forward to this. We hope to get to know some people in Morocco, visit the Sahara dessert and do a short interrailing from Marrakech to Fez.

Since we are getting closer to 2016, we are thinking more about next year. I think it’s very hard for us to choose one path or another. We want both and be double, Tiny house people and Digital Nomads people who explore the world.

In some ways, tiny house is a perfect match for a minimalist lifestyle. We value experiences and a mindful way of living where we include things that make us happy. We want to live simple and travel in a simple way too. No fancy stuff but choosing things that will give us lovely memories, stories and an interesting life.

Travels are also very minimalistic, we almost don’t bring anything and living in another place for a longer time is another kind of everyday life with lots of new perspectives and lessons. We learn more what we need and what we appreciate in life.

In another way it feels like we are crazy in having this thought, how could we build a house, put effort and money and then be away traveling for many months years, living in other places when we have a lovely home. Still we really love to learn, explore and grow as persons and we feel that we force us to do so during travels. Should we then instead focus all our effort only on travels and don’t make life so complicated?

We don’t have any answer yet but lots of questions and thoughts.

Photo Credits Amber Avalona

We Bought Two Tiny House Plans!

We decided to take our next step in our Tiny house journey. For a too long time, we have just thought about how it would be and been stuck in the “inspiration phase”.  We watched a tons of episodes of Tiny House Nation. Now we decided to analyse less and actually start with some more practical issues to get a step further in figuring out how to continue. We joined the Tiny House Digital Group in Gothenburg and started to look more to details like sizes, house plans and made a decision to meet up other like-minded for a beer and tiny house talk.

We choose to buy house plans from Tiny House Design. The reason we bought two is because we still haven’t chosen and we liked this one the most. We thought this at least we will learn a lot more by starting to study and understand the plans and it feels more real. The plans we choose was:  Covelo and Talmage.