193 Documentaries & Countries

The world is such a big a diverse place with so many countries, cultures, subcultures and things to learn about. We try to get new colors to our lives trough tries to stay open and curious, making many friends around the world, travel and trying out new things.

We have been inspired to learn more about the world by reading other people’s quest e.g reading a book from each country  and cooking a meal from each country.

We thought we wanted to start with documentaries and here are some reasons why:

  • We love documentaries
  • Possible challenge to do when traveling and wherever we are in the world
  • Can see the documentary together with friends, learn new things together be curious and have interesting discussions
  • Reach out to others and share more

When we decided to start with this challenge we realized that the first choice we needed to make was how to define a country. There are many different lists of how many countries there are in the world. We decided to stay as politically neutral as possible with this project and go with this list of sovereign states.

Second, we decided one subject and not choosing too broad and general documentaries. We are not aiming to get a whole overview about the country but rather to learn something that exist in the country and that we are curious about. We want to choose documentaries about areas and subjects we didn’t know about before or want to know more knowledge of.

We choose all documentaries from youtube. We know this will probably not be the best by quality in both the research and depth but still our goal is to share so many so others also can see if they want. Sharing youtube links means it’s possible for most countries (sorry China!) to see. We rather want to share and engage then just to see it alone. This is a project that is supposed to be fun and engaging so we don’t want to have too strict rules.

We keep going with the fun part even when choosing the order with the countries. We simply make a daily choice of a country we are specific curious about that day, are thinking about or want to know something more about:)

After we finished each documentary we will share a short review on the blog and also update our list.

We have just started and are doing this as a fun challenge and hope to inspire more people to start their own challenges and share it with us too. :)

Photo credits stokpic